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We are a group of people and families and we leave in a domain of 9 acres in Dimini (Volos-Greece)


We prefer to leave

as much as possible without smoking, coffee or alcohol. Further we avoid excesses, extreme eating and generally a negative or unhealthy way of life.


Our scope is

a positive way of life. We aim to talk positive, to leave and act in a team spirit. Our moto is leave in happiness, productive, creaitive, ecological and peaceful.


We take care

our body, our emotions and thoughts.

We keep our body in shape and healthy.

We asure flexibility, vitality and health.

Our emotions concentrate on peace, security, tenderness, kindness and unity

Our thoughts are selflessness, justice and teamwork


For our health

we train our bodz, soul, emotions and thoughts.

A healthz person pocess a δημιουργική και positve way of life. We aim a natural way of leaving or solving health disabilities. There are natural rules and biorythms, which guide our lives and cure of disorders. The οthers help us to achieve a αυτοθεραπεία.


Love and Knowledge are powerful εληξήρια


General terms

Every family leaves in trailers and takes care of each own space and garden.

There are common spaces like kitchen, leaving room, guest rooms, a laboratory, warehouses and hall.

An Egyptian cook takes care of food for every one of us.

The pets are taken care of their owners.

There is a place for animals like birds, turtles, bunnies


Financial maters

Bread winning factor is a matter of each of the members.

Every one participates in the common expences, like water and electricity supplies.

The income of the production and sell of selfmade products are used for the common expenses.

We aim energy winning from wind and solar energy.



We produce calendula, valsamolado, soaps, kompoucha, kefir, frumenty, Wheat grass, honey, bread, vegetables, olive oil, olives.

We deal with vegetables, alternative therapies alternative tourism as well as programs and rejuvenate and wellness seminars.

We promote "happy marble" program provides for the revival of traditional games and customs in the Volos park equipment.

Promote seminars in the fields of yoga, self-awareness, Reiki and wonderland courses.



Our Philosophy

We leave and act as a team


We believe that the future eco-communities are living models based on the energy provided by nature and a family lifestyle atmosphere.

We deal with the philosophy and views of life without adversity and with creative cheerful, optimistic and collectively way of leaving.



It is posible to leave and stay in eco community after receivingyour request and a acquaintance of few days in our domain. Currently and for the get to know each other period are no charges demanded.


Contact details:


tel.: 0030 24210 62979

Mob.: 0030 6948823756


































Internal terms and conditions


We use noticeboard news and responsibility service

Ecological behavior (low energy consumption, detergent water, etc.)

We do not use electrical heatings

Aim a minimal use of TV

Avoid negative influences and negative discussions

We play, laugh and dance a lot

Everyone takes care of his own space



Shared washing machine

shared bathroom facilitis

ecological management of garbage

food supply from known organic farmers

provide new food recipes

We maintain garden kompoucha, kefir, frumenty, wheat grass, tea, mint and various salts

Avoid use of sugar and prefer the use of stevia

Avoid smoking

All work provided from the eco-community members is free of charge and voluntary

All seminars take place in oikokoinotita is free of charge for members

We advice following Evenings proposed horticulture, floriculture and sports

Service of solidarity bank and microlending is taking place

Each member can accommodate friends caravan hospitality

The car parking ισ allowed at designated places

Pets are allowed to stay in the domains of their owners or reside in a predetermined protected area

Work areas as laboratory, warehouses, meditation and yoga spaces.



We leave and act in a familiar way

We are family



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