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                                                     Camping Contract

. I have the exculpatory responsibility of myself and my children
2. I am consistent with my obligations according to the rules set out each time
3. If I know something and want to share it with the other groups or individually Ι co-
ordinate with the organizers and enter it to the program. Always on a voluntary
4. I care for the protection of the forest
5. I am delighted to participate in the IASO Club Program for Global Peace
6. I play, I sing and I'm glad
7. The camp is for everyone. This means that no one works for someone else
8. I prefer discussions with positive energy and thought
9. I take care of my pet so that it does not bother anyone
10. I avoid the electronic means to have more contact with nature
11. I avoid spirits as well as fast food
12. I reduce smoking. In this process I have enough help from everyone else
13. I protect the camp's tools from theft and destruction
14. I take care of cutlery and accessories. If I lose them before delivery, then I am
burdened by the amount of 5 euro for each dish and by the amount of 2,5 hero for
each cutlery
15. We respect the animal kingdom and the flora and fauna of the forest
16. Parking takes place in places outside the forest or camp to avoid visual pollution
17. Knowledge and good mood that someone brings with him will be used accordingly
18. We do not push our children and our companions. We are all self-conscious. We do
not share a lot of tips. We let others express themselves. We pay attention to our
children discreetly
19. The parent who will feed his child owes to pay a fine of 5 euro
Peace is a matter for all of us
Evgenia (supervisor)
Sotiris (program coordinator)
Stavros (general duties)
Mars (motion responsible)
Diatia Litsa (support)
Awad (cook)
Ο κατασκηνωτής




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